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Darci Baird's Survivor Story

Darci Baird's Survivor Story


In July of 2009 I was a healthy 49-year-old woman dreading turning 50.  Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Suddenly turning 50 was very, very important to me.  Let me back up a bit…


I was blessed to be adopted as an infant.  As such there is much about my family medical history that I don’t know.  Because of that fact my doctor followed the protocol of mammograms beginning at age 40.  His forethought may well have saved my life.  It was during my routine mammogram that a spot was detected in my left breast.  I went from the mammo suite to an ultrasound room.  After the ultrasound I was set up with an appointment to see a surgeon.  “Wait – what? Surgeon?  Why? I’m healthy.  This is a routine exam.  What’s going on here?”


The surgeon told me that there was less than a 5% chance that this spot was anything to be concerned about, but he wanted to get a biopsy to be 100% certain.  I had the biopsy on a Thursday, late afternoon, and got my results phone call Monday morning.  Guess what?  I beat those 5% odds. I was now a 49-year-old woman with breast cancer.  What followed was a flurry of appointments with oncology, radiation therapy, plastics, back to the surgeon (who I think felt almost as badly as I did that I had beaten his odds ), and decisions about my plan of attack.


That’s just the medical side of things.  I also was left trying to figure out how to tell my family that I had cancer.  How do you tell the people who mean the most to you that you are now in a fight for your life?  How do you impose that kind of pain on them?  Once again, I am blessed.  My family and friends rallied around me.  They prayed for me from the moment they heard the news.  I had a tremendous care team.  Everyone that had a hand in my treatment was exceptional.  Above all – God is good.


I am here today to tell my story so that others can hear this simple message: cancer is NOT a death sentence.  Let yourself feel the fear.  Swallow it down and become a warrior.  Be fierce.  And laugh.  Laugh every chance you get.  Be your own best advocate.  Speak your mind.  You know your body like no one else does.  This is a fight you can win.  From where I stand now, turning 50 was great.  I’m looking forward to 60.  And 70.   And 80…

I’ll be the one at the party wearing PINK!!